Derek Chauvin Found Guilty on All Three Charges

A child sits on her father's shoulder.
A child sits on his father's shoulders at the Funeral Procession/Black Lives Matter protest in Berkeley. Photo by Katharine Davies Samway.

The jury members of the Derek Chauvin trial has found the former police officer guilty on all three charges in the murder of George Floyd: second degree murder, third degree murder, second degree manslaughter.

People in Oakland took to the streets last May and June, and beyond, in the name of George Floyd and others who have died at the hands of police officers.

A hand drawn, intricate image of George Floyd against a gold background
Artwork by Hyung-Rae Tarselli. “I can’t do much, but i can make art”, he said. Hyung is an artist serving life without parole and has been in prison for three decades. He has worked with APSC for 15 years.

Oakland officials, residents, and former residents respond to the jury’s announcement today.

Oakland Councilwoman Carroll Fife notes that “There can be no justice when lives are stolen. Only accountability. #ContinueTheFight #NotOneMore #GeorgeFloydTrial

Meena Harris, sister of Vice President Kamala Harris, tweets “Rest in Power, George Floyd. #ContinueTheFight #NotOneMore #GeorgeFloydTrial

Journalist Pendarvis Harshaw tweets: “…Still shed a tear. Man…”

Oakland Voices alumna Saa’un Bell notes, “

No celebrations here, but a sigh of tempered relief. I wish the killings would stop, that the material conditions of all Black ppl change in this country so that one that day we can wake up and choose living over surviving. #DerekChauvinVerdict #GeorgeFloyd

#Asians4BlackLives tweets: “Derek Chauvin has been convicted of George Floyd’s murder. We stand with those—particularly Black communities & families directly harmed by police violence—who celebrate this as win. And—the fact that this kind of conviction is so unusual tells us everything. #Defund #Abolish

The Anti Police-Terror Project simply wrote, “#DefundthePolice”

Poet Terisa Siagotonu, as well as others, sends their thoughts to George Floyd’s family: “Deep love to George Floyd’s family right now and always”

Sentencing will take places in about six weeks.

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