Pandemic, heat wave, and moving during COVID-19

Can you imagine moving during a pandemic? The Oaklandside reported that some San Francisco residents who now work from home are moving to Oakland. Many are moving to the Town for cheaper rents and more space compared to the City.

The statewide eviction moratorium will end September 1, following a decision by a panel of judges. Alameda County and Oakland have their own local eviction moratoriums. 

Davey D of Hard Knock Radio interviewed James Copes, the entrepreneur behind, “Born & Raised in Oakland,” on what Davey calls, “The Battle for Lake Merritt.” COVID-19 has brought to the surface longstanding conflict among groups over space at the Lake. The Oakland Post reports on Black vendors at Lake Merritt

Tens of thousands of gallons of sewage seeped into the Estuary between Oakland and Alameda after a major power outage. How about that heat wave this weekend?

EdSource reports on the first week of school in Oakland.

Alameda County has 15,123 coronavirus cases and 221 deaths. There are 6,041 COVID-19 cases in Oakland. 

Remember to wear your masks.

Every Monday and Thursday, Rasheed Shabazz and Momo Chang produce the Oakland ‘Rona Roundup, COVID-19 related stories impacting the Town.

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  1. Orlando Johnson

    I would like to do an interview and share my thoughts on Oakland issues, and my experience on steps to bring alternative solution.

    I’m peer advisor for alameda county community care connect, A member of Oakland Community Action Network, Oakland Green Party, an 2 times mayoral candidate, campaign manager, blessings Orlando Johnson

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