Why does East Oakland have so many COVID-19 cases?

Two thirds of Oakland’s COVID-19 cases are in East Oakland. (Graphic: Rasheed Shabazz for Oakland Voices/ Source: Alameda County Public Health Department)

Last month, Oakland Voices published a map of COVID-19 cases in Oakland which showed most coronavirus cases in the Town were in East Oakland.

We’ve reached out to public health professionals and elected officials, and we want to hear from the community:

Why does East Oakland have so many cases?

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  1. Carolyn Randle

    So many people are not wearing masks, not sheltering in place nor social distancing. I see many neighbors having parties in tbe entire month of May. Tbey are endangering others. I live in East Oakland. So it seems they are not taking the virus serious. I pray they will stop being selfish and show some respect to the neighborhood.


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