Talk of the Town: What do you like most about Oakland?

What do you like most about Oakland?

Oakland Voices correspondent Yadira Cervantes asks Oaklanders: What do you like most about the Town?

I’ve being here in Oakland more than 10 years. What I like the most about Oakland is its diversity, I feel connected to my roots, the weather is not as intense as it is in other counties around us. Moreover, entertainment, employment and schools are very accessible; I don’t have to travel long distances.

Ulises Cervantes
I moved to Oakland in 2001 and I’m not planning to move out any time soon. I like the recreation centers, my kids have free camps during the summer. Libraries provide activities, lunch and art projects for kids. My daughters have excellent teachers. And I love to spend time feeding the ducks at the Lion Creek Crossing.

Evelia Murillo
I live in the area of Fruitvale. Honestly, there are many negative things about Oakland. But what holds me here is the relationship I have build with friends. I have a job and I enjoy different kind of food everyday.

Rosa Murguia
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