Tweets of the Oakland Mayoral Race: week in review




The Oakland mayoral race cannot be escaped these days. On the eve of the election, any politically-minded Oaklander’s feed is full of  “@” mentions, #mayoral hashtags, and links to polls and studies of varying relevance. Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel even got into the act spoofing one of the contenders recently (the horse loving, gun toting Peter Liu), as @oaklandunseen pointed out.

Not everybody is impressed with the candidates so far:

October 23rd brought a big announcement: Ruby, Tuman, and Parker called a mysterious press conference:

It turns out, they all banded together to support one another as city hall outsiders.  OKCouncil said:

Tell us how you really feel, @OKCouncil.
Meanwhile, Libby Scaaf’s campaign picked up powerful endorsements:

Rebecca Kaplan lost her lead in the polls, but she kept her energy up:

But there are some who believe Jean Quan will win the re-election.

In the end, there’s always this charming “selfie” of all the candidates at the Oakland Sports Forum on the night the Giants won the world series.

Bonus funny moment:

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