Community Change Agents

Graduation Day at Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network

On a Thursday in August,  I heard English and Spanish as I watched African- American and Latino families share a pot-luck dinner in honor of mothers graduating from the Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network’s (PLAN) intensive five-week summer leadership program. There were a sprinkling of black and brown fathers in the audience, with a […]

Oakland Voices on Ferguson

t OO 10 25 12 Oscar Gant Plaza

Some of the Oakland Voices correspondents decided to share their thoughts and reactions to the events in Ferguson following the police fatal shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager. Did they see similarities to Oakland in terms of the tensions between police officers and communities of color? Did they have experiences, good or bad, with police […]

My Reactions to the Ferguson Madness? Promote Peace and Reconciliation.

I am deeply saddened by this happening in this country but it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve lived long enough to know that these injustices occur even in this country and I’m still young enough to not lose hope that maybe this time our country, our people, the American people will learn a lesson that will […]

Status Quo

Ferguson’s policing paradigm percolates in too many American cities with aggressive use of deadly force: A force similar to cancerous tumors before they metastasize and kill the body. Unfortunately watchdog agencies− immune system−in those cities have been compromised by latent racism. Oncologists study tumors’ size, location, type, and stage of growth, before exercising options, like […]

Oaktown and Ferguson – are they similar?

Photo by Oakland Voices contributor Sultanah Corbett

  I have been reflecting on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri regarding the shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager. It is difficult not to. I see it in the morning and evening news, hear people talking about it in public and it is all over my social media sites. The social unrest in response to […]

National Night Out: A Photo Essay

Skater kids enjoy Bella Vista park early in the evening.

National Night Out, what a turnout this year! There were so many in the Clinton/ Bella Vista area I barely scratched the surface going to the three you see here. I started at Bella Vista Park, which featured a jumper, a book giveaway, and a potluck. Later on, my family joined me at the 11th […]

A Farm in East Oakland? Full Harvest explores the possibilities.

Full Harvest Urban Farm, Health, Spiritual, Emotional Healing and Liberation

  One fleeting glance at the three-storied rain cloud painted house on 39th  Avenue in Oakland’s Laurel District, and you would never know. The possibilities. The possibility of “Full Harvest Urban Farm”, an acre farm in East Oakland that is home to  an army of chickens, 15 waddling ducks, three African milk goats by the […]

Cesar Chavez Park Suffers from Neglect

1st story martinez2

Cesar Chavez must be turning in his grave. A little over a year ago, Cesar Chavez Park in the Fruitvale District was formally rededicated and renovated with a California State grant ( The grass area was swapped with turf, the basketball court was resurfaced, exercise equipment was installed and the play structure and bathrooms were […]

Friday Night Family Events Bring Neighbors Together

1st story powell photo4

  Stop the Violence is the message at two local parks in East Oakland. Community Engagement Coordinator Jennifer Argueta is the Director of Messengers 4 Change (a project of Oakland Unite), and manages these Friday night family events at Willie Wilkins Park located 1100 98th Avenue and Carter Gilmore Park located on 1390 66th Avenue. […]

2014 Oakland Voices Authors

2014 Oakland Voices class_reduced

Congratulations to the 2014 Oakland Voices Authors. Erick Chavarria A native of Mexico, Erick been navigating Gringolandia ever since he moved to the US at the age of five. He is very compassionate towards social issues and has been active in grassroots movements, particularly those aimed at Immigrant rights and Latino issues, since his college years. […]

Author: Tom Webb


Tom Webb was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA. Since 1980 I have pursued graduate studies at the University of San Francisco (Theology, 1982), Duquesne University (Formative Spirituality 1994) and Catholic Theological Union (Pastoral Studies 2003). I have spent nearly 20 years living and working in the San Francisco Bay area as a Catholic […]