Oakland Voices is recruiting for the 2015-16 Class


By Brenda Payton oaklandvoices5@gmail.com EAST OAKLAND — One of the 2014 Oakland Voices correspondents reminded me that, as coordinator, I looked at the first gathering of our community correspondents and said, “This is how newsrooms should look.” The group represented Oakland in all of its diversity: African-American, Polynesian, Latino, Caucasian, straight, gay, lesbian, religious, undocumented, […]

A Simple Observation: Discovering What’s Old


I haven’t walked around the surrounding blocks of my home in years. Until I got this assignment, I hadn’t realized that. I have very nostalgic memories of my Havenscourt neighborhood. I’ve lived in and known this place since I was born. My perception was that it’s changed quite a bit since then; crime has increased, […]

A Stroll through the Laurel, or is it the Upper Dimond?


I’ve always referred to my neighborhood as the Laurel district, but was surprised when a friend who has lived a block away for 30 years referred to it as the “Upper Dimond.” This is a neighborhood above the cusp: five blocks above busy MacArthur Blvd. near 35th and the drone of the 580 Freeway. Tree-lined […]

Where We Live


The Oakland Voices correspondents went out into their neighborhoods to survey what was there and what wasn’t — grocery stores, liquor stores, churches, parks. They came back with some insightful observations about community and belonging and some discoveries about places they thought they knew. Read their stories below.

The Dimond – We Have it All


I want to start out by saying that I live in the Dimond District of East Oakland.  I’ve been a very fortunate person to live in this neighborhood.  It has everything.   As a grassroots activist, I sometimes run into my comrades from Black Lives Matter and Causa Justa Just Cause members.  Like me, they are shopping, […]