Oakland Elections Results: Sheng Thao Will Be New Mayor

Image of Hmong American woman wearing off white blazer smiling outside
Sheng Thao

The results of the elections are in. Below are the winners, as counted by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters.


Sheng Thao

City Council

A Filipina American woman with short wavy brown hair smiles for camera
Nikki Fortunate Bas

District 2: Nikki Fortunato Bas

Janani Ramachandran

District 4: Janani Ramachandran

An African American man wearing a white collared shirt hugs a young African American boy in an outdoor portrait
Kevin Jenkins

District 6: Kevin Jenkins

Oakland Unified School Board

A white woman with silver straight hair talks with a young mixed race child
Jennifer Brouhard

District 2: Jennifer Brouhard

A man wearing a navy blue shirt and with a beard smiles at camera
Nick Resnick

District 4: Nick Resnick

A woman with dark brown hair talks with two people who are wearing masks
Valarie Bachelor

District 6: Valarie Bachelor

City Auditor

A women with reddish hair wearing a teal dress stands in front of a work desk and poses for camera
Courtney Ruby

Courtney Ruby

District Attorney

And African American woman with curly hair wearing a wool blazer smiles for portrait
Pamela Price

Pamela Price

Alameda County Supervisor

A Chinese American woman wearing black blazer and red shirt stands for portrait
Lena Tam

District 3, which includes parts of Oakland such as Chinatown, Jack London, Fruitvale, and San Antonio neighborhoods:

Lena Tam


All ten measures in Oakland passed: H (parcel tax), Q, R, S, T, U (bond measure), V, W, X, Y

From the county’s website:

Measure H – Oakland USD

Percentage Passing: 2/3

To continue to: reduce dropout rates; prepare Oakland students for college and 21st century careers; attract and retain highly qualified teachers; and provide mentoring, tutoring, and counseling; shall the Oakland Unified School District measure renewing the $120 parcel tax for 14 years, without increasing the initial tax rate, adding annual cost-of-living adjustments, exemptions for seniors and specified low-income individuals, and independent oversight and audits, generating at least $11.5 million annually that the State cannot take away be adopted?

Measure Q – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 50% + 1

Shall the measure to authorize the City of Oakland to develop, construct, or acquire, or assist the development of, up to 13,000 low rent residential units in social housing projects within the City for the purpose of providing affordable rental housing be adopted?

Measure R – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 50% + 1

Shall the measure to amend the City Charter to replace gender-specific language with gender neutral language, such as replacing words like “fireman” with “firefighters” and using gender-neutral pronouns in referring to City officers and staff, recognizing that women and non-binary persons as well as men are qualified for and hold such positions, and to avoid gender stereotyping and discrimination, and promote inclusivity be adopted?

Measure S – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 50% + 1

Shall the measure to amend the City Charter to allow the City Council by adopting an ordinance, to authorize voting by noncitizen residents, who are the parents, legal guardians, or legally recognized caregivers of a child, for the Office of Oakland School Board Director if they are otherwise eligible to vote under state and local law be adopted?

Measure T – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 50% + 1

Shall the measure amending Oakland’s business tax rates to create a progressive rate structure that would (1) impose the highest rates on the highest grossing businesses, (2) increase Oakland’s annual tax revenue by an estimated $20,900,000, and (3) generate approximately $124,000,000 in total annual revenue for municipal services by imposing business tax rates of .05% to .55% of gross receipts, and other rates as stated in the measure, be adopted?

Measure U – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 2/3

Shall the measure to improve public safety and invest in Oakland by creating affordable housing for Oaklanders, increasing housing for homeless Oaklanders, repaving streets to remove potholes, improving traffic/pedestrian safety, and updating fire stations and other public facilities, by issuing $850,000,000 in general obligation bonds, raising approximately $85,000,000 annually while bonds are outstanding at the rate of $0.071 per $100 ($71 per $100,000) of assessed value, with independent oversight and annual audits be adopted?

Measure V – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 50% + 1

Shall the Measure amending the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance to: (1) prohibit no-fault evictions of children and educators during the school year; (2) extend eviction protections to tenants in recreational vehicles (RVs), tiny homes on wheels, and newly constructed units except during the first 10 years after issuance of the certificate of occupancy; (3) remove failure to sign a new lease as grounds for eviction; and (4) make other clarifying amendments, be adopted?

Measure W – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 50% + 1

Shall the Measure amending the Oakland Municipal Code and City Charter to establish resident public financing for candidate election campaigns, increase transparency regarding independent spending in City elections, further restrict former city officials from acting as lobbyists, and provide additional resources to the Public Ethics Commission for implementation be adopted?

Measure X – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 50% + 1

Shall a measure to amend the Charter to, among other things, establish Councilmember term limits, require two hearings before Council places certain measures on the ballot; count Councilmember abstentions and absences as “no” votes in determining whether Mayor may break a tie; provide Public Ethics Commission discretion in setting Councilmember salaries; authorize the Commission to set City Attorney and Auditor salaries; and add and detail duties and provide minimum staffing for the Auditor, be adopted?

Measure Y – City Of Oakland

Percentage Passing: 50% + 1

Shall the measure to amend Oakland’s Municipal Code to fund Oakland Zoo operations, staffing, maintenance and capital improvements, including but not limited to animal care and rehabilitation, educational and conservation programs, fire prevention, accessibility, and visitor services, by imposing an annual $68 parcel tax for single-family parcels, and other parcels as specified, for 20 years, raising approximately $12,000,000 annually with exemptions for low-income households and others, and citizen oversight, be adopted?

For more information, visit the county’s elections website. All photos from candidates’ campaign sites.

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