COVID-19 may worsen in Oakland, Alameda County

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Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

There are 11,846 COVID-19 cases in Alameda County. Oakland’s count rose to 4,471, as of this weekend, according to the County Public Health Department. 

COVID-19 may “worsen” in Alameda County this fall, winter

Most Bay Area schools and colleges will start online this fall. A growing number of patients in Alameda County hospitalized are in hospitals due to COVID-19, Oakland Voices reported last week. One health official said the situation could worsen this fall. 

Interim Public Health Officer Dr. Nicholas Moss said the County was slow to encourage the public to use face coverings, because there was no evidence it could be effective, East Bay Citizen reported. Moss was previously director of the HIV/STD unit and took over for Dr. Erica Pan who is now working for the State of California.

County Administrator Susan Muranishi said COVID-19 has cost the county $450 million, although two-thirds could be recouped through federal and state emergency funds. 

Protest outside San Quentin Prison calls for “mass release”

Over 1,000 people protested outside San Quentin State Prison in Marin County this weekend. The “No State Execution by COVID-19” action was organized by No Justice Under Capitalism and We Are Their Voices.

Over 2,000 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19, according to KCBS. Forty percent of all COVID-19 deaths among state prisoners are at San Quentin, the East Bay Times reported, citing data from the state. 

In Alameda County, Santa Rita Jail has 17 positive cases currently. Altogether, there have been 202 positive cases–157 are still in custody, according to the County Sheriff’s Office. The Public Health Department no longer includes the Jail on its dashboard.

Oakland Airport braces for another dip in travel

Oakland Airport officials expect air travel numbers to fall again in August. More people traveled to and from Oakland in June than had in April and May, although numbers are still down compared to last year, CBS reported. Many airport employees had been laid off at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Chinatown Street Fest (Fridays)

The Chinatown Street Fest will take place on Fridays this month. 9th Street will be closed and outdoor dining will take place.

Last week’s Art & Soul Festival was cancelled.

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