More East Bay Regional Parks Close Due to COVID-19, City to Discuss Eviction Moratorium, Oakland Schools Closed until May 1

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Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise throughout the United States, we are keeping track of news in Oakland related to coronavirus. As of Tuesday, Alameda County has 135 confirmed cases (they do not release by city). The latest news in Oakland includes a possible moratorium on evictions during this period, East Bay Regional Parks closes additional parks including two more in Oakland, and more.

City of Oakland to Discuss Moratorium on Evictions During COVID-19 Crisis

Oakland City Councilwoman Nikki Fortuno Bas, President Pro Tempore Dan Kalb, and City Attorney Barbara Parker introduced a moratorium on evictions, rent increase, and late fees during this period. The item will be discussed in a special meeting on Friday, March 27, 2020 via teleconferencing.

Alameda County Has High Numbers of Those Under 44 with COVID-19 According to Tests

While initial news stories have framed the novel coronavirus as a disease that heavily impacts those 60 and older, according to the latest tests for Alameda County, more than half of those who turned up with positive tests are between 20-44 years-old. As of Tuesday, there were 135 confirmed cases in the county, according to the San Jose Mercury News. In the same report, it notes that a gate agent at Oakland International Airport was tested positive for COVID-19 and had last worked on Sunday.

East Bay Regional Parks Adds more Closures Beginning Friday, March 27, 2020: Oakland Parks Closed Now Include MLK, Jr. Shoreline, Leona Canyon, Roberts Regional, and Sibley

EBRP had previously closed trails, bathrooms, and parking lots affecting 22 regional parks, due to overcrowding and for the public’s safety. Last weekend, there seemed to be an unprecedented number of people at parks and beaches. While under Alameda County and Gov. Newsom’s shelter-in-place rules allow for hiking and walking, Newsom reprimanded people after this past weekend. Previous trail and parking lot closures in Oakland include Leona Canyon and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Regional Shoreline. The new additions include Roberts Regional and Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. See full list here and check the East Bay Regional Park’s website for the latest updates.

OUSD Announces Schools Closed Until May 1, Continues to Serve Grab and Go for Families

Oakland Unified School District recently announced that schools will be closed through “at least” May 1, 2020. The district continues to give away grab and go meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for families at 12 sites. Food is distributed on Mondays and Thursdays, and will continue through May 1, 2020, including what would be Spring Break next week. Check OUSD’s site for the most current information.

How Are Businesses and Workers in Oakland Impacted

Oakland Voices alumna and Correspondent Iris Crawford reports on how businesses and workers in Oakland are impacted, and what resources are available. Read the article here.

Six Virtual Places for Oakland residents to Spiritually Connect Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

A lot of emphasis is placed on our physical health, and perhaps we are also starting to see more about mental health. What about spiritual health? Our Oakland Voices alumna and Correspondent Amelah El-Amin finds six places of worship and spirituality in Oakland offering virtual gatherings and webinars via Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube.

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