Tony Daquipa

Tony Daquipa is a dad, bureaucrat, PTA Officer, photographer, hop farmer, collector of East Oakland rainwater, urban bicyclist, union thug, karaoke diva, grumpy old man, storyteller, and preserver of history.

Stories by Tony

Undercover Healing

“Forget about whatever you did. Just feel your heart.” -Kokou Soglo Katamani Every student in the room said that they would do it all again[Read more]

A Place Where Community Happens

“We’re all different, but we all have that love for Sequoia.” -Zachary Hile At the risk of missing the start of Game 1 of the[Read more]

Dad Hip Hop

“It wasn’t hard to be a Tupac fan when I was in high school,” says Oakland rapper, music producer, record label owner, and dad, Tahajiye[Read more]

My Salvation

I stared deeply into his brown eyes, not because I was trying to avoid looking at the graphic carnage that had been inflicted upon the[Read more]

Empowering Oakland Families

“Organizing makes the impossible possible.” -Pecolia Manigo If you truly want to serve the people in a culturally competent way, it helps to have an[Read more]

Forever the Heart of the Raider Nation

“It’s a participation Sport.” -Mike Hutchinson There are 31 stadiums in the National Football League, and then there’s the Coliseum in East Oakland. Aside from[Read more]

Music: It’s a Wonderful Life

For most Americans, December is usually a time when the normal routine of life slows down a little bit and people reconnect with friends and[Read more]

Life in the Killing Fields

As I walk down this residential street in East Oakland, I notice how the front yard of every house is green. There are no lawns[Read more]