A Black man in an off white suit, a young Black man wearing a black jacket, and Black woman with sunglasses, smiling, in grey hat stand outside in front of podium

Emotional Commemorative Ceremony in Honor of Oakland Journalist Chauncey Bailey

Family, officials, journalists gathered to commemorate slain Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey and to unveil "Chauncey Bailey Way"

Some Unexpected Outcomes of the Pandemic: Katharine Davies Samway

We asked our Oakland Voices alumni community members and correspondents: How has pandemic life changed your habits and your outlook? How have you navigated public spaces and health risks now that we are in a[Read more]
A banner that says "hands off our schools" in bold red letters in front of Oakland City Hall

School Closures Will Impact Oakland’s Most Vulnerable Students: Disproportionately Low-income, Special Education, and English Learners

Update: On February 9, around 1 a.m., the OUSD school board passed a modified resolution that will close two schools this year: Parker K-8 and Community Day School. Brookfield Elementary, Grass Valley Elementary, Carl B.[Read more]
An African American woman wearing all white and a white hair wrap rolls dice towards camera. In the background is Oakland's cranes and shipyards.

Oakland Voices Alumna Ayodele Nzinga Featured in ‘The New Yorker’ Film “The Game God(S)”

Our Oakland Voices alumna, and Oakland’s very own first Poet Laureate Ayodele Nzinga, is featured in a new film released this week at The New Yorker. The 17-minute film is called The Game God(S) and[Read more]
students holding signs outside middle school saying "save us"

Oakland Students, Teachers, Community Mobilize to Oppose District Plan to Permanently Close Schools

On a cold Monday night in the middle of a pandemic, almost two hundred members of the Manzanita Community School family and their allies gathered for a watch party on the school playground to witness[Read more]