An Alzheimer’s Blog

Momma’s journey into dementia began long before most of us realized a family trip was planned.  Like Alice down the rabbit hole, this experience with her continues to be full of surprises, wonders, fear, anxiety, apprehension, and joy.

It became official in 2005, when the doctors told us – her 4 children – that our mother had Alzheimer’s disease.

Momma is 90 years old now. She lives with me, and I take care of her, with the support of my siblings, family and a wonderful hired aid. I dress her in the morning, fix her meals, bathe her, and put her to bed.

This blog is about everything that happens in between. It’s about my life with my mother Ruth Dennis – the woman I sometimes call Cookie, Mz. Ruth, but mostly just Momma.

It has led me to a place of knowledge and happiness. The things she says and does, they make me burst out laughing as much as they make me burst into tears. Hopefully, this ride is taking me to a future place of peace. Sadly, for my mother, it is often a place of fear and confusion.

-Jo Ann Bell

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