Author: Tiffany Lacsado

Tiffany Rose Naputi Lacsado was born on the island Guahan (Guam) to a native Chamorrita from the southern village of Maloloj and a Filipino contract laborer from the mountain village of Sierra Bullones, Bohol, Philippines. When she was a child, her family island-hopped from Guahan to Hawai’i before settling in deep East Oakland where she spent her most formative years. She is an alumnus of Castlemont High School and has spent over a decade earning her bread and butter working in HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual and reproductive health promotion for LGBTQ youth and young adults. She is the founding member of One Love Oceania, an indigenous Pan-Pacific Islander Women’s performance group and mother to Buhay, age 2, and Shola – coming soon in October 2014. In the fall she will complete the University of San Diego Lactation Educator Counselor certificate program.

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