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Design your destiny then print BIG.

Some people wait on life to define them and others design and define life for themselves. When you get that opportunity to show off your design, make sure you print big. Early Eighties In the

Empowering Youth and Disrupting Cycles of Violence

“I give them all the advice that I didn’t get.” -Michael Muscadine The weather, like the multicultural crowd, was beautiful. The music was danceable, the live artwork was politically conscious, and the tacos and aguas

A Place Where Community Happens

“We’re all different, but we all have that love for Sequoia.” -Zachary Hile At the risk of missing the start of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, several generations of Sequoia students, families, and staff

While Everyone Else Is Sleeping, East Oakland Is Eating

It’s a Monday evening just after 11 p.m. as I pull into the Tacos Los Amigos parking lot on East 14th Street (also known as International Blvd.)  I was referred to this taco truck by

Dad Hip Hop

“It wasn’t hard to be a Tupac fan when I was in high school,” says Oakland rapper, music producer, record label owner, and dad, Tahajiye Edwards. “But people thought you were a little strange when

Forever the Heart of the Raider Nation

“It’s a participation Sport.” -Mike Hutchinson There are 31 stadiums in the National Football League, and then there’s the Coliseum in East Oakland. Aside from a 12-year fling with Los Angeles, the Raiders have called

Life in the Killing Fields

As I walk down this residential street in East Oakland, I notice how the front yard of every house is green. There are no lawns in this working class bedroom community, but the young weeds


By Brenda Payton OAKLAND VOICES COORDINATOR EAST OAKLAND – Oakland Voices correspondents have written about volunteers who are feeding poor people in their neighborhoods, resilient family members, organizations devoted to improving their communities as well