Tonya Shipp

Tonya Shipp is a mother of two and avid supporter of education and development. For the past ten years, she has been freelancing and working through staffing agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area but recently began as Program Aide at Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency. She obtained an associate’s degree in the social sciences from Laney College and is one class shy of receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She also served eight years in the Army Reserves before being honorably discharged. She volunteers regularly at the events and offices of non-profits. Having experienced extensive periods of homelessness, unemployment and being without dental coverage is a strong advocate for the poor.

Stories by Tonya

Let’s Get Physical

I’ve had a membership at Planet Fitness’ East Oakland branch located on 4055 MacArthur Boulevard for several months; however, I haven’t stepped foot in it

East Oakland Hip Hop Cultural Icon

I love hip-hop and rap music; they’re my favorite genres.  Don’t get me wrong, I like jazz, R&B, reggae, soca, salsa, hard rock, pop, alternative,

Sweet and Bitter

I’m leaving my $1400 – a-month two-bedroom rented house, locking my closet door; otherwise, known as my front door, with the leaky roof above it.

She gave us everything

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAA,” my mother screamed! My sister and I, then school age, ran down the steps of our shared house seeing the back of our father