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Sheila Blandon is an 19 year old Nicaraguense woman from East Oakland. She would like to get politically involved on the local level, representing the voices of minority populations. Eventually she would also like to open up her own non-profit dedicated to women in abusive relationships.

From Newtown to My Town

By Sheila Blandon I first heard about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary through online media. I saw all the attention it got by the media and social networks. As soon as I saw news of the shooting I already expected it to be covered nationally. At the same time, communities and government officials began to take […]

Rising Local Talent Rayven is Ready To Soar


By Sheila Blandon There are many artists in the Bay Area, but Rayven’s passion and motivation sets him apart from the rest. He has came a long way, from being a part of a group along with his brother, to now launching his own carreer. Born and raised in East Oakland, Rayven Justice and his younger […]

More Than a Tattoo: Body Art Honors Lost Loved Ones

Sarah Harris tattoo of her brother in law on her left arm.

By Sheila Blandon Tattoos are a trend among the teenagers I know. But these are not just regular tattoos. As more young people die on the streets in the Bay Area, it’s becoming common to see young people showing their respects to their loved ones by inking themselves with something that reminds them of that […]

Poverty Puts Young Women on the Verge of Prostitution


Some women are forced to walk the streets, selling their bodies for cash. Mary Moore has never done that. Her exchange was different – not for drugs, or money, but just to keep a roof over her head. “I never done it before but I contemplated it. No woman should ever have to think about selling herself,” Moore said.

Health of the Hood: 73rd & Bancroft/Eastmont

By Sheila Blandon – My neighborhood is one long narrow block. The streets are very close together with long blocks. There are a lot of homes with families, only a few apartments. The streets are kind of clean – cleaner than other neighborhoods around the East. The block of 69th avenue is pretty friendly and welcoming. There are always a lot of people outside. We sometimes throw BBQs in front of our home on the porch.