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Michael Holland is a 39 year-old slightly disabled man with a checkered past. “Remove all that,” Michael says, “and I am just your average, brutally honest Black man. I also am somewhat of a God ‘freak,’ although I don’t formally belong to a church!”

GUNS Part III: Protection 2012

Teenager walks past seen of 100th homicide on 57th ave. and Hilton.

Recently, two Oakland Voices writers offered very different views on whether owning guns is a bad idea for Oakland and people in general, or just common sense preparedness for life in a tough town. But it didn’t stop there. They read each other’s piece, and replied.

Modern Day Manifest Destiny, or Just Plain Old Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge

Teenager walks past the scene of the 100th homicide on 57th and Hilton. 10/15/2012

In my East Oakland neighborhood, the sound of Crown Victoria cop cruisers can often be heard racing through the streets after shots are fired. Every few minutes, cars drive by with tremendous beat – Harley Davidsons with loud pipes – and all the gunshots. Antioch is starting to look better and better!

GUNS Part I: When in Rome… Stay Strapped!

The 1100 block of 84th Ave, where an Oakland resident was pistol whipped during a home invasion robbery last July. I'm sure the victims wish they had been strapped that fateful morning! Photo: Michael Holland, Oakland Voices 2012

Gun violence is rocking our city. But at Oakland Voices, not everyone agrees on whether or not owning them creates or feeds a culture of violence, or if it’s just smart self-defense. Two of our correspondents have very different perspectives on the need for guns in our homes and society. Here, one has his say.

Right Around The Corner From It

Picardy Ave.

By Michael Holland Navigating through East Oakland, you will see two types of blocks. Some streets are well-paved. Those are usually lined with trees that bear fruit and nuts, and some that give color according to the season. The tree-lined, well-paved streets didn’t just get that way. They have been that way for years and […]

The food stamp cash-in: East Bay businesses capitalize on EBT

Blood sugar test kit for diabetics

By Michael Holland Alameda County residents who are receiving food stamps, cash and other forms of public assistance as an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) can now purchase prepared meals at Pizza Hut and Dorsey’s Locker – two establishments that didn’t accept them a month ago. But they have to be elderly, disabled, or homeless. August […]

Polite Policing

Bobby riding his bike

By Michael Holland East Oakland’s Lockwood Gardens – also known as 65th Village – has undergone a metamorphosis. The landscape seems suddenly well kept.  The maintenance crews ride golf carts from building to building. From the 1970s through the 90s, the spot I am standing on was known for drugs and murder. But thanks to […]