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Katrina Davis is a photographer who also enjoys reading various gossip blogs and hanging out with good friends. “I’m also a comic genius.”

PHOTOS: Congratulations, graduates!


Congratulations to all of our East Oakland 2012-2013 correspondents. We were thrilled to celebrate your hard work, and your commitment to your city, at our graduation last month. The Oakland Tribune, The Maynard Institute, and your site director Christopher Johnson wish you all nothing but the best as you continue to tell the stories of […]

Winston Callender Might Still be Alive if Things Were Different

Winston Callender, 29, lies in his casket as it's being closed

By Katrina Davis Judith Jones points to a photo on her wall. It’s one of dozens – part of a collage filled with images of her son Winston Callender, his friends, and family. The one she’s smiling about is a picture of a young Winston, posing with two friends, all wearing wigs and big smiles. […]

East Oakland Poet ‘Bossman’ Puts in Work to Heal, Teach

Spoken Word Artist/Musician Dre Johnson, aka Duke Bossman.

Growing up in East Oakland, Dre Johnson, “the violence and crimes that go on, you don’t talk about. You’re just not supposed to name names, you’re not supposed to say shit out loud.” He says his spoken word allowed him to express his feelings about “how the shit went down.” Poetry became one of the few ways he saw to address some hard experiences.

Single Mothers Build Careers & Family, Defying Stereotypes

With a graduate degree and a great job on the horizon, Candase Chambers (here with her son Kyle) is defying many stereotypes about single mothers. Photo: Katrina Davis, Oakland Voices 2012

“Growing up, there was just a negative connotation with being a single mom,” says Candase Chambers, “and now that I am one, I’m not that stereotype. I feel like I have to work hard to dispel the stereotype for myself, because when you meet new people the first thing people do is look at your ring finger and see you aren’t married.”

Health of the Hood: Maxwell Park

By Katrina Davis – I’ve lived in this neighborhood since I was 2 years old. It’s pretty quiet and suburban. I know some of my neighbors, and they even come over from time to time for events. The crimes that happen here and there are mainly break-ins, but other than that it’s pretty quiet. Everyone seems to have a pretty nice front yard and keeps it up.