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About Katherine Brown
Katherine Brown was born in Houston, and her family moved to Oakland when she was 6 months old. “I am fortunate to have a loving family and an amazing community of friends,” Katherine says. “I love to help others, which is fused into my life and work.” Katherine enjoys volunteering, dance, and sports, with football being her favorite.

Our future doctors and nurses, straight out of East Oakland

For 16 year-old Ivan Arreola, ACHPP is helping to put his dream of becoming a doctor within reach. Katherine Brown - Oakland Voices.

By Katherine Brown In looking at the negative perception many people have of East Oakland, one would think that there was no opportunity for success, especially amongst youth. With limited resources and outlets to support youth in their professional and academic development, the future seems to be very bleak for young people. However, organizations like […]

Living Victoriously: Community Advocates Help Bay Area Women Transform Their Lives


By Katherine Brown It is rare to encounter folks that have faced numerous adversities, yet never complain. They continue to hold their heads up high, dig in their heels, and keep pushing for a better outcome. It is even more uncommon to find someone who is willing to sacrifice and give their all so that […]

Computer Love: East Oaklanders Tweet Their Affection for The Town

Chuck Hawkins for Twitter story

By Katherine Brown While on this love experience, I learned that you don’t need very many words to define or explain it. 140 will do. To find out more about how folks from Oakland view love – and whether or not it exist in the city – I conducted a few Twitter chats with some […]

Oakland, How Deep is Your Love?

Oakland native Sergio Martinez's love for The Town runs deep, but he has concerns about where the city is headed.

As Sergio and I continue to talk about how the tide has turned in The Town, he asks, “Am I a part of this new Oakland? I don’t know. This ain’t Oakland.” I tend to agree. I don’t know how I fit in to what this city has become. With this new wave of Oaklanders, it seems like The Town is being boiled down to a fad – slowly losing its identity as it becomes a caricature of other metropolitan cities.

Health of the Hood – What Makes the Mills College Neighborhood Healthy?

The nation wide "National Night Out" campaign is just one of the activities that my neighbors organize to promote unity amongst one another in our neighborhood. Katherine Brown - Oakland Voices.

By Katherine Brown When trying to identify what makes my neighborhood healthy, I was hard pressed to find glaring examples of what is traditionally associated with “healthy living.” There aren’t any farmers markets, open green spaces, bike lanes, etc.  The street that I live on is residential and is pretty quiet, and in some instances, […]

Nail Salon Owners’ New Strategy to Go Green & Improve Relations with Black Clients

East Oakland nail salon owners like Van (Vanessa) Nguyen strive to green this industry, while staying afloat in the struggling economy. Katherine Brown - Oakland Voices.

By Katherine Brown It amazes me how priorities change as you grow older. Feats and experiences that seem so trivial now, meant the world to me as an adolescent. One activity in particular was getting a mani-pedi. I wasn’t one of those teens that got my nails done every week – only on special occasions. […]

VIDEO – ‘Tis the Season: Laurel Neighborhood Harmonizes to Help Others in Need

Valerie Brown-Troutt, community member and artist, captures the beauty and diversity of the Laurel neighborhood on the street banners installed this winter. Katherine Brown - Oakland Voices 2012.

Is harmony and unity possible in East Oakland? The Laurel Merchant and Laurel District Association strive to prove that it does. The second annual Laurel Holiday Stroll and Donation Drive is just one of over 20 events held in the Laurel District geared towards strengthening relationships between the community and local business.

VIDEO: Health of the Hood – What Makes the Mills College Neighborhood Unhealthy?

With the advent of speeding in my community, neighbors remind drivers to obey traffic laws. Katherine Brown - Oakland Voices 2012.

I have lived in this community for over 20 years, and I have definitely seen many changes over time that do not aid in improving the health of my neighborhood. For example, over the last year, there has been a rash of break-ins and robberies. In one instance, a family was at home when would-be robbers tried to kick their door in.