Eastmont Town Center


By Janice Davis It is the early afternoon of June 27, 2014 when I decide to visit the Eastmont Town Center on 73rd Ave and MacArthur. The weather is sunny and breezy. The Wellness Center offers numerous medical services, a lot of which are free. A lot of people come in for the resources. For […]

From Newtown to My Town

By Sheila Blandon I first heard about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary through online media. I saw all the attention it got by the media and social networks. As soon as I saw news of the shooting I already expected it to be covered nationally. At the same time, communities and government officials began to take […]

“Take It or Leave It”


When Chinese parents come to the US, they often sacrifice themselves for their children. Often, they can’t take the time to sit and study English because they are working several jobs to provide better lives for their kids. You would think that, as a society, everyone would respect that kind of hard work. It’s part of American values, isn’t it?

VIDEO: Raid on Occupy Oakland – One Year Later

Raid on Occupy Oakland – One Year Later

Protesters, spectators, passers-by, and police gathered at Oakland’s city hall plaza on October 25, 2012, marking the one-year anniversary of the day the police tore down Occupy Oakland’s tent camp encampment at the plaza. West Oakland resident Janay Smith, 20, talks about the anniversary event and the relevance, and the irrelevance, of the Occupy movement.

Rising Local Talent Rayven is Ready To Soar


By Sheila Blandon There are many artists in the Bay Area, but Rayven’s passion and motivation sets him apart from the rest. He has came a long way, from being a part of a group along with his brother, to now launching his own carreer. Born and raised in East Oakland, Rayven Justice and his younger […]