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A Shout-Out To RBA Creative

A big shout- out to Randolph Charles Belle for hosting Oakland Voices Cohort Group #6  at his space, RBA Creative, for our twice -a- month meetings.  For sometimes entrusting his keys to our coordinator so [...]

Cruising Through The Fruitvale District

The Fruitvale District is huge.  I cruised it on three separate days.  There are three business districts surrounded by residences.  I rode up Fruitvale Avenue and walked along Foothill Boulevard a few blocks in each [...]

On Volunteering

I’ve volunteered at three East Oakland organizations:  Hieroglyphics Imperium, The Alameda County Food Bank and at The Unity Council.  I had learned about a music festival online, Hiero Day 2017, where the prices were too [...]

School to Prison to School Pipeline

Suspensions and bouncing back and forth between various schools, crack- addicted parents and grandparents, running away, physical abuse, early fatherhood (age 17), teen-age drug use, multiple arrests, several incarcerations in local, county and state jails [...]