‘He COULD Have Done It, But I Don’t Think He Did’

By Debora Gordon Lam offered me contact information for his attorney, David Kelvin, who agreed to speak with me in last October. I felt limited in my knowledge of the criminal justice system, even though I’d taught American government. I’d had no first-hand experience with the law beyond the very occasional moving violation, and a […]

Education is My Weapon of Choice

One of the great challenges educators always face is how to fix the problems of the now while creating solutions for the long-term. As shocking as the Newtown shootings have been, I remain unshaken in my absolute conviction that the only way to stop all shooters, is through love, education, understanding, and compassion. I know that some will dismiss this as unrealistic, but it seems to me no less realistic than continuing to build up an armed society, to the point where everyone is prepared to shoot and every misunderstanding becomes potentially explosive.

PHOTOS: Health of the Hood – Cleveland Heights

Blocked storm drains from leaves and debris cause can flooding on the streets and sidewalks. 
Photo by Sabirah Mustafa, Oakland Voices 2012

By Sabirah Mustafa Cleveland Heights has a lot of natural beauty, but requires diligent maintenance. Otherwise, leaves back up storm drains, and tree branches block out street lights and sidewalks. Blight and vandalism, while not extensive throughout the neighborhood, appear in pockets around the commercial areas.  The residential areas are generally well-maintained.  

VIDEO – ‘Tis the Season: Laurel Neighborhood Harmonizes to Help Others in Need

Valerie Brown-Troutt, community member and artist, captures the beauty and diversity of the Laurel neighborhood on the street banners installed this winter. Katherine Brown - Oakland Voices 2012.

Is harmony and unity possible in East Oakland? The Laurel Merchant and Laurel District Association strive to prove that it does. The second annual Laurel Holiday Stroll and Donation Drive is just one of over 20 events held in the Laurel District geared towards strengthening relationships between the community and local business.

Women Politicians Lead East Oakland Rally Against Social Security Cuts

Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

By Howard Dyckoff More than 50 rallied last week in East Oakland to oppose any cuts in Medicare and Social Security. Protesters joined Congressional Rep. Barbara Lee, Assembly Member Nancy Skinner, and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan at Eastmont Mall’s Social Security office to oppose reductions in Oakland’s senior services. Lee asked the audience to “stand […]

PHOTOS: Health of the Hood – Eastlake, Toxic & Under Construction

PHOTOS: Health of the Hood – Eastlake, Toxic & Under Construction

By Edward Cervantes Lake Merritt has four main residential areas: the Lakeside Apartments District, in the area around Jackson and Madison Streets; Adams Point/Grand Lake, off Grand Avenue and behind the Grand Lake Theater; Haddon Hill/Cleveland Heights, off Lakeshore Avenue; and the area below 18th Street, on the southeast side of the Lake. For my first ‘Health of […]