A Reading List

Lam's Books 3

One goal I always have for students is to have them read for pleasure. For the pure joy of reading. So often, in school, we drain every last ounce of possible enjoyment out of reading with lists of vocabulary words, essays on character development and plot analysis. Not that I don’t think those activities are […]

Native American Mental Health More Than A Dream

Janet King CRDP 017

By Sabirah Mustafa Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes asked the question,”what happens to a dream deferred?” “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?,” goes his famous poem Harlem, “or does it explode?” The dream of quality mental health care for many under served groups, including Native Americans, has been deferred too long. […]

‘Get a Straight Job’ & Stop Gang Banging!

Summer Correspondence

I responded to the email Lam sent from Juvenile Hall within an hour of receiving it. That was more than 5 years ago, so I am trying to look back and remember what I was feeling and thinking about him back then. I was very moved that he was reaching out to me, the clichéd […]

GUNS Part III: Protection 2012

Teenager walks past seen of 100th homicide on 57th ave. and Hilton.

Recently, two Oakland Voices writers offered very different views on whether owning guns is a bad idea for Oakland and people in general, or just common sense preparedness for life in a tough town. But it didn’t stop there. They read each other’s piece, and replied.

Cease Fire Redux: Oakland Relaunches Crime Plan, This Time with Broad Coalition

Members of City Team participated in the Lifelines program at Allen Temple. They have since started their Friday Night Walks.

By Howard Dyckoff Oaklanders are marching to demand an end to gun violence.  There have been youth rallies, peace marches and on-going night walks in the most violence-plagued areas of East Oakland. Many of these events are headed by church groups and community organizations banding together with the City to re-launch the Cease Fire program […]

More Than a Tattoo: Body Art Honors Lost Loved Ones

Sarah Harris tattoo of her brother in law on her left arm.

By Sheila Blandon Tattoos are a trend among the teenagers I know. But these are not just regular tattoos. As more young people die on the streets in the Bay Area, it’s becoming common to see young people showing their respects to their loved ones by inking themselves with something that reminds them of that […]

Modern Day Manifest Destiny, or Just Plain Old Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge

Teenager walks past the scene of the 100th homicide on 57th and Hilton. 10/15/2012

In my East Oakland neighborhood, the sound of Crown Victoria cop cruisers can often be heard racing through the streets after shots are fired. Every few minutes, cars drive by with tremendous beat – Harley Davidsons with loud pipes – and all the gunshots. Antioch is starting to look better and better!

VIDEO – An Oaktoberfest Poll: Obama’s Reelection Chances

VIDEO – An Oaktoberfest Poll: Obama’s Reelection Chances

President Obama believes in settling things over beer. So I went to one of Oakland’s biggest beer parties to settle a question that must be big on his mind right now: four more years, or one (term) and done? As the locally sourced, micro-brewed organic lager flowed at this year’s Oaktoberfest in Dimond, I polled a few revelers on Barack’s prospects for another go round in the Oval Office.