Teacher Profile: Professor Neha Dave Blends Poetry and Economics at Mills Business School

Mills College Professor Neha Dave in her office, under the watchful eye of Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles.

By Debora Gordon Professor Neha Dave (pronounced Da-vay) blends economics and poetry, international business and critical thinking, in her Mills College classroom. “Including other flavors enriches what I teach,” Neha said. “Understanding poetry crosses many barriers, it has a lot of wisdom in it.  One has to be in a constant mode of learning. To […]

‘Great Urban Dancing Warrior’ making moves to unite Oakland’s deaf & hearing communities

Antoine Hunter meeting with eager fans after his performance.

By Katherine Brown Before taking the stage for an hour-long dance performance, Oakland native Antoine Hunter launches into his usual preparation routine. He runs through some stretches, reviews the choreography with his dance company, makes sure the music is tight and arranged correctly, and then adjusts his hearing-aid. “Without the hearing aid, I can’t hear […]

Teacher Profiles: Park Day School’s Michelle McAfee uses the arts to help her students soar

Michelle McAfee has been a teacher at Park Day School for more than 20 years.  Here she is in her recently purchased East Oakland home in July 2012.

By Debora Gordon After more than two decades perfecting her craft as a teacher, Michelle McAfee is at the top of her game at Park Day School. She begins the school year by analyzing “The New Colossus,” a 19th-century poem by Emma Lazarus, with her class of 16 second-graders. She challenges her students to examine […]

Polite Policing

Bobby riding his bike

By Michael Holland East Oakland’s Lockwood Gardens – also known as 65th Village – has undergone a metamorphosis. The landscape seems suddenly well kept.  The maintenance crews ride golf carts from building to building. From the 1970s through the 90s, the spot I am standing on was known for drugs and murder. But thanks to […]

Gun violence forum held in urban oasis

The gates of Preservation Park

By Ronald Owens In the impeccably restored assembly hall of a Craftsman style theater in Oakland’s Preservation Park, genteel people gathered to address gun violence at a forum sponsored by the Oakland Tribune and the Maynard Institute. A seven- or eight-year-old white boy, wearing $300 black “Beats By Dr. Dre” brand headphones, played an alien-attack […]

VIDEO: Oakland homicide victims of 2011 – their names and faces

VIDEO: Oakland homicide victims of 2011 – their names and faces

This video commemorates the 110 victims of homicide in Oakland in 2011.  Darnell, Allen, Donald, Lovell, Ishmael, Alejandro, Kerry, Derek, Terrance, Raheim, Eddie, Berresford, Martin, Matthew, Brian, Sean, Terrance, Michelle, Stanley, Marion, Yancy, Charles, Deandre, Marcellus, Evan, Dinh, De, Jesus, Jeffery, Andrew, Dawoyne, Lamont, Beatrice, Billy, Adam, Quay, Antione, Fletcher, John, Antonio, Timothy, Bianca, Ditiyan, […]