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Giovanna’s Smile

Tamika Warren’s sister Giovanna was shot and killed 2 years ago in Oakland. Here, Tamika talks about her sister’s murder, the son she left behind, and the smile Tamika will never forget. CLICK TO PLAY

The Unmentionables

“No, I am not taking these off.” Momma was doing more pleading than pushing during one of our nightly battles as I changed her disposable underwear. “You cannot take these from me! They are not


My 3 siblings and I often become fictional or rearranged members of Momma’s imagination. Momma once told my youngest brother that he was “found by grandpa at the poker game.” I loved it when she

The Decision

Last week, Momma and I visited Cousin Bernadette, who is in a nursing home suffering from ailments associated with dementia.  It was a pleasure to see her, even though Momma really didn’t quite comprehend the