Oakland Reacts to Mehserle Verdict

Oakland residents protest the Mehserle verdict

By Diana Alonzo, Tyrese Johnson, and Adimu Madyun OAKLAND, CA – Oakland Voices correspondents have spread throughout the city to get reactions from residents following the Johannes Mehserle verdict. The former BART police officer was found guilty today of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Oscar Grant III last year. “This is an absurd […]

‘Warrior’ Artist Aims Oscar Grant Murals at Mehserle Trial

Golden State Warrior's "Do The Right Thing" Piece

By Adimu Madyun OAKLAND, CA – Rubbing his face quietly, the Oakland-based artist Golden State Warrior looks out of a car window. He surveys his latest graffiti piece as the paint dries in the night air. “My art is intended to stimulate consciousness,” he says. GSW’s paintings of contemporary urban black warriors holding giant African […]