Port Trucks Test The Limits of Emission Rules

West Oakland resident Xue Pan, a port trucker for 10 years, shows off his truck, which has a sticker certifying its compliance with clean air rules until 2020. By Brian Beveridge.

By Brian Beveridge OAKLAND, CA – While more than a thousand Oakland port trucks were replaced with taxpayer assistance or cleaned up to meet federal engine emission standards, companies serving the port say that non-compliant vehicles known as “dirty trucks” are still rolling through Oakland to pick up cargo. In what California Air Resources Board […]

The Cast

the cast

Mom had a bad fall last year. She broke her shoulder and her wrist.  When she came home from the hospital, she was patched up in splints, wrappings, and a sling. Each morning I stepped into her room to help Momma start her day, I was welcomed by the sight of her having ripped everything […]

The Shoes

shoes for ruth

There is something about Momma and shoes. Not any shoes. Ruth’s shoes. She imagines everyone wants Ruth’s shoes. She thinks everybody just might be trying to wear them. One night when I was getting her dressed for bed, the shoes became more than a simple issue.  As I took her shoes off, Momma called the […]