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The Invisible Hand in Our Hoods

While writing about the Ferguson shooting of an unarmed African -American teenager by a white police officer, I came across the concept of Structural Vulnerability. I met with Professor James Quesada from San Francisco State University, a medical anthropologist who has written and researched this topic extensively. I wanted him to help me understand how […]


A Professorial Mayoral Campaign

Exiting the elevator on the 6th Floor of the Oakland Central Suites to cover the mayoral campaign of Joe Tuman, I was surprised to see no signs nor hear sounds of a raucous election evening party. After pausing a moment, I opted to walk down a hall corridor peering as I walked at door after […]


Rebecca Kaplan’s Election Night

Campaign headquarters was at Everett & Jones barbeque on Broadway in Oakland. The party was set and ready to go at 8 p.m. Green and purple balloon clusters and “Rebecca Kaplan for Mayor” signs decorated the room. There was a diverse crowd of people – hipsters, young people, old people, African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, professionals, […]