Her Resilience: From a Seed to a Flower

  When I first spoke with Hazel Streete of the “Her Resilience: a Mural for Women Affected by Violence” project in the late fall of 2014, her team had just found a home for their project at Park Avenue Garden after a long search. Saturday, March 21st, the Park Garden was lined with colorfully painted […]

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Breathless in the 94621

Children growing up with asthma are a reality for families living in the 94621. “The most polluted zip code in Oakland,” said Nehanda  Imara, an organizer with Communities for a Better Environment (CBE). “We need to know what we’re breathing, what’s in our environment!” reads the CBE publication, announcing the Latino East Oakland Resident Leaders, […]

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A Ride through a Neighborhood

  I could hear, “We’re tired of this,” echoing off the walls of First Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. Brenda Payton, Oakland Voices coordinator, told correspondents  from Sacramento and Oakland Voices how members from this seemingly small East Oakland Church walk the streets in their neighborhoods.  We took in the church’s smallness as we listened […]

The Oakland Tribune building

Sharing Oakland

  Oakland greeted the Sacramento Voices with sunshine and cool bay breezes on Saturday, March 14. Oakland Voices and Sacramento Voices correspondents boarded a bus that would take us through the heart of Oakland. Our first stop was a step back into the history of our journalistic lineage. At the Tribune building,  Martin Reynolds, senior […]