What if They Held a Dinner and Everyone was Able to Eat

  “What if they held a dinner and everyone was able to eat?” This is the question 385 anti-hunger advocates posed to their state assembly representatives last week in Sacramento.  Busloads of multicultural citizen activists from around the state, decked out in bright-orange t-shirts inscribed with End Hunger!, arrived Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to […]

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When a Pathway Through Hell Leads to New Hope

Perhaps a parent’s worst nightmare is to outlive her own children.  But can someone imagine the horror of learning that two of your children have been gunned down in a senseless murder on the streets?  And can it get any worse than the tragedy that your children are twin brothers – one of whom had […]


Oakland CROP walkers take one step at a time against hunger

While Bay Area landlords, developers and real estate investors wildly cheer the latest housing boom, spiraling rents and housing prices, a small number of local residents responded Saturday morning to a more somber fact for Oakland residents – the increasing number of people who depend on the Alameda County Food Bank and local pantries for […]


A Long Walk for Nuclear Disarmament

  The Chinese philosopher Lao Tze once observed, “[A] journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” On Sunday morning, March 22nd, in Oakland, Buddhist monk and peace activist Brother Senji Kanada along with two other Buddhist monks and 15 other supporters began the third day of a three week-long walk to promote […]