Flowers of East Oakland

If one judges by simple appearances, the neighborhoods which comprise East Oakland seem to teem with problems. The murder rate, though down from years past, is still unacceptably high. The frequency of crimes like assault, burglary and drug-dealing contribute to the war-zone like appearance of the neighborhood, with tall wrought-iron fences and barking dogs all […]

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Prostate Cancer Death Rates

Prostate Cancer Dream Theft

  Aren’t all men in America entitled to a life full of hopes and dreams? Unfortunately, prostate cancer kills many more African-American men than other ethnic groups in that pursuit.  It is a disturbing reality facing Oakland and other cities with sizable African-American populations. In an atmosphere of high African-American men mortality rate, the Prostate […]

LahoudSisters & Brothers Capitol Rally - Sacramento

Advocacy Days

In California there are 14 cities with high poverty rates and the related problems, including  high rates of violence, homicides, suspension rates, high pregnancy rates, gang affiliation, drug abuse, STDs, and the poor support from the city council. Oakland is one of the 14 and was one of the cities that was represented at Sisters […]

Jumping in at San Antonio Park

Where the Kids Are

A few months ago, I took a group of neighborhood kids up to the end of our block to a big old oak tree. We slung a rope over a low-hanging branch, tied it, and I watched the kids swing and tussle for a turn as the day wound down. The scene was like something […]