Where We Live

The Oakland Voices correspondents went out into their neighborhoods to survey what was there and what wasn’t — grocery stores, liquor stores, churches, parks. They came back with some insightful observations about community and belonging and some discoveries about places they thought they knew. Read their stories below.

Recent Stories


A Simple Observation: Discovering What’s Old

I haven’t walked around the surrounding blocks of my home in years. Until I got this assignment, I hadn’t realized that. I have very nostalgic memories of my Havenscourt neighborhood. I’ve lived in and known this place since I was born. My perception was that it’s changed quite a bit since then; crime has increased, […]

My Neighborhood- View

The Hills

Growing up in “Deep East” Oakland, we always heard about “the Hills” and how “they lived in the Hills and we lived in the Flats.” “They” were the proverbial other: affluent and white. Now, I am a resident of  “the Hills.” Towering over my neighborhood is the Oakland California Temple, also known as the Mormon […]

Close Up Roommates Mural on E 24th and 23rd Ave

On My Block: E. 23rd and 23nd Avenue

  It will be two years in November, just long enough to love where I live. It was a cold winter night when I first walked up the steps of the multi-family house. At the time, the upstairs unit included three rooms, one rented by my current roommate, a mother and son shared a room […]